Friday, October 9, 2009


Did I mention I love the fall?! I love everything about it! The color, the crispness in the air, the pumpkins, and all the yummy treats. I love football, the pumpkin walk, fall carnivals, pumpkin carving and Halloween! I just went to WalMart and bought popcorn, caramels, cans of pumpkin, and chocolate chips. I ran into someone I know and she asked what I was making and I honestly don't know. I just wanted to buy fall treats! I'll probably just eat them all plain!
Here are a few pictures of some of the fun things we have been doing this fall. We mainly eat, sleep and drink football, but we managed to throw in a few other activities in between!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Claire Bear is Six

Happy Birthday Bear Bear! You are the light of our lives!

My little bear bear has turned six! She had a cousin party and they went to the beauty school and got their hair and nails done. Perfect party for my girly girl! I thought she would be a tom-boy with two big brothers, but she is all girl and I think it's my fault. She has had jewelry and a hair bow on since the day she was born. My friend Becky made her a beautiful cake and cupcakes and we had a picnic in the park after the salon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rocks in her Pocks

Despite the looks of this picture, I am loving my time with Janie.
She is easily entertained anywhere in Highland due to the large rock supply. She LOVES rocks and can keep herself busy for a long time by filling her pockets with rocks. The weight of the rocks often pulls her pants down off her diaper. I have recently discovered dresses with pockets and that seems to be the ticket! She is in heaven and walks around saying, "Mo rocks in my pocks'! Just didn't ever want to forget this!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

I am not even going to lie and pretend like I am sad that school has started! I just spent 6 hours with just Jane and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It felt like having my first baby again. And when the other 3 came home at 3:45 screaming and all trying to tell me about their day at once, I was refreshed and ready to take it on! Here are this years first day of school pictures in front of the ugly brown door. They have grown so much! This is the best picture I could get of Jane, who never stops moving. I seem to get a lot of shots of her back and top of head. I do realize that it was nearly this time last year when I last posted! As my dad would say, "Your just too busy living life to write about it!" I am really just lazy and not very technologically savvy. But I am determined to start again to take more pictures and record more memories for my kids.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jane's 1st Birthday

Goose told me the older you get, the faster time passes. She said, "Wait until you get to be my age, Christmas comes about every three months." I must be getting older because this year felt like about three months. I am sad to see time pass so quickly, but Jane is a joy and we are really starting to see her little personality develop. She loves animals and music and has such a beautiful smile with 6 Big teeth. We love our baby girl.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a very fun and busy Halloween. I decided to make Jane a rabbit. She got her two big front teeth first and I thought I should just embrace it! Since she was a rabbit, Claire had to be Alice in Wonderland. I think she was born to wear the costume. I let my boys be whatever they wanted and they chose to be nerds. They think they are just hilarious (probably got that from their parents who think they are funnier than anyone else does) and really got into character. I didn't realize how much they had gotten into it until I got to the school parade. Before the children march around the auditorium, they first line up across the stage. Each class follows their teacher across the stage and then lines up and waves or smiles at their parents. I few really excited kids did a little bow. I almost died when Scott's class lined up and Scott began doing wild and crazy nerd moves. He was pumping his arms and flexing his muscles. I couldn't believe it. Everyone was laughing! I was glad I was in a witch costume with a green face and fake nose. Boy was I shocked when Brock's class came marching in and he started in with the moves. He made Scotty's muscle flexing look mild! He stayed in character through the entire promenade around the cafeteria, waving and hunched over and marching to the beat. I would give anything to have to have a video to post. Even my little Bear was smiling and waving as she floated through the line. I just can't say where they get it from! I was such a shy and reserved child :)!